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Dutch wedding photographer in Rotterdam, Leiden, Dordrecht, Utrecht

Are you looking for a wedding photographer from the Netherlands for authentic and relaxed wedding photos? As a dutch wedding photographer, I make sure you will have a beautiful and lasting memory of your wedding day. In a journalistic style, I aim to capture your story in authentic, vibrant, and loving photos. I want to bring you back to the magical ambiance of your special day every time you revisit your photos. My focus is on capturing the essence of your connection as a couple and the presence of your beloved friends and family.

Bruidsfotograaf Brabant - Trouwfotograaf door heel Nederland - Journalistieke trouwfotografie | Tielens en Tielens Hoeven
Trouwfotograaf Zuid-Holland - Bruidsfotograaf Dordrecht - Judith Adriaansen Fotografie

Your wedding captured in real and colorful wedding photos

As your wedding photographer, I want to be present everywhere. Of course, you’ll remember the first look, the vows, and the cake cutting. But you’ll also never forget how it felt to step into your wedding car for the first time. Everything tells the story of your day, and I’ll capture it with a lot of love for you! In fact, I only stop taking photos when someone literally ushers me away.

Love, hugs, double chins, tears, proud glances, jokes, friendship, heels kicked off under the table, loosening ties, quick teeth brushing, kids impatiently waiting for the cake, and more. With my camera, I love to blend in to immortalize these moments.

Trouwen bij Brouwerij Frontaal | Trouwen bij een bierbrouwerij
Trouwfotograaf Zuid Holland - Bruidsfotograaf Noord-Holland - Judith Adriaansen Fotografie
Je trouwboeket wel of niet gooien? Judith Adriaansen Fotografie - Journalistieke bruidsfotograaf

A journalistic Wedding Photographer in the Netherlands

During your wedding day, there’s only one task for you, and that’s to enjoy (and, of course, say “Yes, I do”). You should enjoy each other and all your loved ones around you. In a relaxed and easy-going way. I blend in as your wedding photographer among you and your guests. I just capture what happens, so giving directions is not part of the plan. This way, you’ll get wedding photos with images that truly reflect your experiences of the day.

Wedding photoshoot / Loveshoot

Would you like a separate photoshoot on your wedding day to enjoy some moments together? Great! My advice is to reserve about 60 to 90 minutes for this. It’s a lovely moment during the day because it’s one of the times you can truly be together. During this shoot, I will give you some tips and guidance, but spontaneity will always be key. My experience is that you’ll truly have the time to enjoy each other during the shoot. More details about your separate photo shoot can be shared during our Meet & Greet.

Rates for a wedding photographer from Rotterdam, Leiden, Dordrecht.

My fee for 6 hours of wedding photography is 1.795,-

My wedding photography packages include:

  • All your wedding pictures that you can view and download through an online photo gallery.
  • luxurious wedding album so you always have your favourite wedding photos at your fingertips.

  • preview of at least 15 photos within 48 hours after you say “I do”, so you can enjoy the memories as quickly as possible.
  • A first talk to go over all your wishes and ideas and make sure we click.
  • detailed session about two weeks before your wedding, during which I’ll learn even more about your beautiful day.
  • You’ll receive a practical brochure with tips and advice so all you have to do on your wedding day is enjoy.
  • Professional post-processing of your wedding photos.
  • Travel time and travel costs are included.
Would you like more information about my packages and the corresponding rates, or schedule a first talk? Please send me a message via the contact form below or through email or WhatsApp and I will send you my information brochure with no strings attached. I’ll also let you know whether I’m available on your wedding day.your
Bruidsfotograaf Breda | Journalistieke trouwfotografie |
Bruidsfotograaf Brabant - Trouwfotograaf Zuid-Holland - Journalistieke trouwfoto's
Trouwen met kinderen? | Bruidsfotograaf Brabant |
Trouwfotograaf Waalwijk - Judith Adriaansen Fotografie
Trouwen bij Wet 'n Wild - Bruidsfotograaf Leiden
Fotograferen aankleden bruidegom - Trouwfoto's met de hond erbij - Trouwfotograaf Nederland

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